Barielle Fungus RX

Barielle Fungus RX

Barielle Fungus RX

Treatment Ranking: 49.7 / 100

Patients Treated: 1,000 – 5,000

Success Rate: 37%

MSRP: $49.95

Editor Review

Barielle Fungus RX is labeled as an anti-fungal topical treatment that is sold over-the counter to consumers with an active ingredient of 1% Tolnaftate. According to the NIH, “Tolnaftate stops the growth of fungi that cause skin infections, including athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm.”. Barielle’s product description reads that is it “. . . safe and effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.” and that their “. . . maximum strength formula contains an active ingredient registered with the FDA for Anti-Fungal Treatment.”.  Barielle makes claims that their product is useful against bacteria, fungi, and viruses which may or may not be true but the approved use of Tolnaftate, its active ingredient, is solely for fungal treatment. Consumer’s may have success using Barielle for various fungal infections but according to the NIH, the only true approved use would be for athlete’s foot, jockitch, and ringworm. On the label, Barielle states that is is “effective for fingernails and toes” but the truth is that the active ingredient Tolfatate is ineffective on the nail bed. The product skates around this truth by advising users to apply the product ” . . . around free edges of nails (under tips) and cuticles. . ” opposed to directly on the nailbed.


Availability: online/telephone
Price Range: high
Application: 2 times daily
Application Type: topical brush on

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