I’ve contracted nail fungus before, and not just once, so it doesn’t take much to remember that heart sinking feeling I felt whenever I spot a whitening patch, usually on the corner of my big toe nail. The first dreadful thought that typically runs across my mind, “How long am I going to have to live with ugly nails this time???” No more beautifully pedicured toes for the next 6 months (if I’m lucky).  🙁

The first time I experienced nail fungus, I left it untreated out of pure ignorance, unknowing of the implications. The infected patch grew from the corner towards the centre of the nail, larger by the week. It turned from white to yellow, thicker and thicker and creeped to the next toe to my greatest dismay. Soon, there was a foul smell that made it all the more disturbing.

The uglier the nails looked, the more self conscious I became, so much so that I caught myself stealing glances at them every few minutes. I stopped wearing open-toed shoes so that no one would catch sight of the embarrassing toes. I decided to cover them up with dark nail polish, thinking that would well hide the problem – out of sight, out of mind. But I soon stopped after being advised seriously against it by my nail technicians. I was told that if I don’t take more serious efforts to quickly treat it, it would become extremely difficult to treat.

I’ve moved on since.  I had the “fortune” or misfortune of contracting the nail fungus several times and hence is a lot wiser now, and would be quick to advise friends to take quick action to treat it. Yes, it does mean living with ugly nails for many months while you work on treating it fully, but thinking long term, it’s definitely better than having it infected so bad that the whole nail falls off, or it gets spread to other toes which makes it many folds more difficult to treat.

So if you can’t live without beautiful nails, treat the nail fungus at the very first instance of detection with treatment such as Emoninail and you will stand a much higher chance of quick recovery. A full recovery takes not only time, but the diligence and perseverance to administer the treatments as prescribed everyday. As Emoninail stresses, it is critical that the solution reaches the nail bed before the treatment can take effect and do its ‘magic’.

After you’ve bade adieu to your nail fungus infection, don’t be too happy yet, as it could easily strike again if you are not careful. Be aware of the potential sources of fungus around you. Do you wear sneakers or closed shoes most of the time? Do you frequent public pools or water parks often? Do any other family members have nail fungus? Or do you enjoying visiting nail salons? Knowing the potential sources helps you take the necessary precautions against a recurrence.

Keep your feet dry and well aired at all times.  Wear socks with sneakers and make sure the sneakers are not ill fitting or too tight. Make sure you do not share socks, shoes or nail clippers with family members especially if they have nail fungus (and get them to start their treatment too!) At nail salons, be sure to bring your personal nail kit so you don’t have to share the common tools with hundreds of strangers you’ve never met before. Just in case you visited a salon which did not do a tip top job of sterilizing their implements! The Nail Edition makes professional manicure and pedicure sets in designer cases that you can bring for your nail salon visits. The PRO CLASSIC kit even comes with a removable tray to “park” used tools for sterilization.

So, know the sources, take necessary precautions, and there’s no need then, to give up beautiful nails.

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