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There are three methods to treating toenail fungusSurgical Removal
surgical treatment for toenail fungus
Oral Medication
Oral RX for Nail Fungus
Topical Treatment
Topical Toenail Fungus Treatment


Below are the top rated nail fungus treatments on market – each has been thoroughly evaluated by our editors, health professionals, and fellow Nail Fungus sufferers. All of the following treatments are topical solutions to Nail Fungus. The chart at the bottom of this page explains the advantages of Topical medication over Oral and Surgical options.

Rank 1 - EmoniNail
Rank 2 - Funginix
Rank 3 Zetaclear
Rank 4 - Dermisil
Nail Rx
Rank 5 Nail RX
1. Treatment Rating99.5 / 10089.7 / 10086.5 / 10080.1 / 10078.4 / 100
2. Customer Rating5 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product3.5 Star Nail Fungus Product3 Star Nail Fungus Product3 Star Nail Fungus Product
3. Editor Review
4. MSRP$59.95
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5. Patients Treated (est.)20,000+20,000+20,000+10,000 - 20,00010,000 - 20,000
6. Success Rate*89.4%83.2%76.1%71.1%68%
7. Treatment TimeShortest (1-2 Months)Average (2-4 Months)Average (2-4 Months)Average (2-4 Months)Long (3-6 Months)
8. Product Safety Safe to UseSafe to UseSafe to UseSafe to UseSafe to Use
9. Return PolicyRisk FreeRestock FeeRisk FreeRisk FreeUnknown
10. Customer Support5 Star Nail Fungus Product3 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product

If your nails are infected with Nail Fungus there are two actions you must now take: (1) Find treatment and (2) understand how to use that treatment. Our Treatment Guide provides step-by-step instructions for achieving maximum effectiveness with topical treatments.

Review of Nail Fungus Treatments

EmoniNailRANK: #1
Rank 1 - EmoniNailReview Summary
Top Pick Badge
EmoniNail is our top-most recommended product for the topical treatment of fingernail and toenail fungus. The superior blend of proven ingredients make EmoniNail an effective* formula to dramatically improve the vitality and appearance of the nail bed and surrounding skin.

The formulation, which was last updated in 2015 combines a powerful anti-fungal active ingredient with nail penetrating essential oils which can result* in superior effectiveness in the treatment of nail fungus. This conclusion of superiority is supported by our customer reviews and an overall success rate higher than any other product on the market.
Our experts agree that the EmoniNail treatment formulation is the ideal combination.

Users consistently observe a reduction of redness, pain, and irritation within weeks*. Within months the average users sees complete removal of visible nail fungus. The vast majority (95%+) of users experience regrowth of clear, revitalized, fungal-free nails*. We recommend EmoniNail in conjunction with diligent adherence to our treatment guide for maximum effectiveness.

Active Ingredient: Undecylenic Acid, 10%

Means of Nail Penetration: Tea Tree Oil


*Based on aggregated reviews. Not a scientific study of success rate

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