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FDA-recognized anti-fungal ingredient (Undecylinic Acid) in combination with nail-penetrating essential oils and proper nail prep, results in highly effective and completely safe solution to finger and toenail fungus. 

*Toenail Fungus Eliminated in 16 Weeks (Source: Global Nail Fungus Organization)

BY Dr. PAT BERNARD, JAN 07, 2017 

NEW YORK, New York -  New research has shown that removing nail fungal infections can be accomplished in a way which is safe, effective, and long-lasting. A topical solution process to this condition, like the one presented below, has be sought after decades due to the risk of liver damage found in many oral and prescription nail fungus medications. 

What is a Nail Fungal Infection? Nail fungus infection, also known as onychomycosis or Tinea Unguium, is a very common condition that is characterized by changes in the nail’s color and texture. The signs of a fungal infection start with the development of black or brown spots and white or yellow streaks under the toenail or fingernail. As the fungal infection progresses, the discoloration will spread, and the infected nails may change to yellow, green, white, or brown. Infected nails may also appear thickened and have crumbled edges. Detachment of the nail from the nail bed may also occur.

Nail fungus becomes increasingly harder to treat the longer you wait. This new topical process to removing nail fungus has a reported success rate in excess of 90%  and is most effective when followed exactly.

Recent success stories using the process below:

INTRODUCTION: Prepare Yourself

In this section we discuss the fundamentals to the process and the necessary mindset and equipment to execute the subsequent steps. 

Understand the Personal Requirements:

  • Patience and Dedication: The time has come to stop hiding your feet; to stop the embarrassment and to remove nail fungus from your life. This is not a quick process and may take weeks to completely remove the fungal infection and restore clear, healthy nails. With patience, dedication and this guide you will achieve your goal.
  • Be Fearless: Restoring beautiful nails is not a beautiful process. Acknowledge and accept that.


  • Do not skip days: Following this Definitive Guide to Removing Nail Fungus requires 5 minutes twice a day.
  • Follow Exactly: Optimal results are only achieved when this guide is followed carefully and correctly.
  • Necessary Supplies: This guide requires you to have a clean area for treatment application, nail clippers, a nail file, and a 10% Undecylenic Acid topical solution containing nail penetrating essential oils. The Treatment Comparison page on the Global Nail Fungus Organization website provide the necessary information for choosing the right product. (view their top recommended product)
Tools Needed to Treat Nail Fungus

STEP 1: Clean and Prepare Nails

Note: Clean all surfaces and tools that will come in contact with your nails. Tools should be washed between each infected nail.

Remove Excess Nail

  • Cut Nails: Cut the infected nails as low as possible without causing any pain.
  • File Nails: Using a nail file, lightly file the top, sides, and front of your nails.
  • Purpose: Nail fungus lives and grows within the nail bed, directly under your nail. Your nail actually serves to protect the fungus so it is important to remove as much of this barrier as possible before treatment.

STEP 2: Loosen Skin Around Nails

Nail fungus is particularly difficult to treat because the nails actually serve to protect the fungus living within your nail bed. To maximize the effectiveness of any topical treatment one must first loosen the skin around nails. 

Part 2.1: Twice Daily Soak

  • Morning and Evening Soak: In a bath tub, sink, or clean bucket, place infected toes or fingers into warm water and soak for 1 minute or more.
  • Purpose: Warm water loosens the skin around the nails allowing for a more thorough clean and for treatment to penetrate more easily.

Part 2.2: Soap and Scrub

  • Wash with Soap: Once the area around the infected nails have been soaked, apply any soap and lather infected area. Wash all surrounding areas. Ensure that you remove all dirt, grime, and sweat.
  • Scrub Vigorously: Scrub your infected toes and/or fingers vigorously with a focus on the nails and areas directly adjacent. Apply pressure to loosen the skin as much as possible. Be careful of sensitive areas.
  • Purpose: Thorough washing and scrubbing creates the ideal environment for treatment penetration.
Wash and Scrub Feet

STEP 3: Treatment Application

Remember: here we use the 10% Undecylenic Acid topical solution containing nail penetrating essential oils. (View the top recommended product below)

Part 3.1: Eliminate Moisture

  • Dry Infected Area: Use a clean towel or blow drier to remove all moisture from the infected area you just washed.

Part 3.2: Apply Topical Medication

  • Treatment and Applicator Brush: As mentioned earlier in this guide it is expected that you are using a topical treatment with exactly 10% Undecylinic Acid. Recommend products will come with an applicator brush – normally attached to the container’s cap.
  • Apply to Nail Tops: Using the applicator brush apply a liberal amount of the treatment solution to the tops of infected nails. Make short, even brushstrokes towards your body. Distribute treatment solution as evenly as possible across the entire nail.
  • Apply to Nail Sides and Surrounding Skin: Continue with the brush, applying treatment solution to the area on and directly around the nails. These areas are great entry points for the solution to penetrate the nail and reach the source of the fungus.
  • Brush Treatment onto Nail’s Front: The front of the nail, especially when thick and separated, can be a key re-entry point for fungal infections. Brush this area thoroughly with treatment solution.
Wash and Scrub Feet

Part 3.3: Allow Treatment to Absorb and Dry

  • Wait: Allow the treatment up to 10 minutes to dry completely before putting on socks or other footwear that may interfere with absorption.

STEP 4: Clear Nail Maintenance

There are a number of factors which can reduce the likelihood or reinfection. 

Appropriate Footwear & Rotate 

  • Change Socks and Shoes Regularly: Rotate your footwear and always wear clean socks. This reduces the opportunity for fungal spores to proliferate and helps to avoid future nail infections.
  • Nails Need to Breath: Excess moisture or sweat creates the ideal breeding conditions for fungus. It is best to wear sandals without socks whenever possible. We also suggest: moisture wicking socks, mesh sneakers, open toed shoes, etc.
To Prevent Fungal Infection Rotate Footwear

Nail Fungus Risk Factors

There are numerous factors that you can control and avoid. You must keep in mind that you can develop nail fungal infections through the following:

Walking Barefoot in Public Places

Walking barefoot in moist and warm areas like public showers, community pools and locker rooms, and spas increases your risk for nail fungal infections. These are areas where you can be exposed to fungi from other infected people.

Working Conditions

As discussed earlier, fungi grow and survive in high moisture environments. Working in hot and moist environments, especially with wet hands or feet, puts yourself at risk for fungi reproduction and infection.

Wearing Heavy Footwear

Wearing heavy footwear that hinder proper ventilation throughout the feet makes them more damp with sweat. Sweaty socks as a result of the lack of airflow on heavy footwear is one of the top causes of fungi growth and multiplication that eventually leads to toenail infection.

Working with abrasive chemicals

Exposing your hands to abrasive chemicals may cause damage to the protective skin at the base of your nail, which makes it more vulnerable to fungal penetration.

Sharing nail care tools

Nail fungus is highly contagious. You can have onychomycosis from someone with infected nails. Sharing a towel or nail care tools with an infected person increases the possibility of being infected by a fungus.

Injuring your nails

If you have injured nails, you are more vulnerable to fungi infection due to easier penetration and infection from cuts, tears, or thin protective layers of your nails.

Going to unhygienic/ unregulated nail salons/spas

As mentioned above, sharing nail care tools with fungi-infected individuals should be avoided. You should ensure that the nail salons, parlors, and spas you are visiting use disinfected equipment and new towels as nail fungi can be transmitted through these tools.

Living with someone who has nail fungus

Fungi is contagious and can be picked up through skin-to-skin contact. Living with a fungi-infected individual can put you at risk, especially if you are sharing items with that person.

Selecting a Topical Treatment

People waste years trying home remedies and ineffective topical solutions to battle nail fungus – only to have the fungal infection remain unchanged or worsen. Use the information below to find a treatment that will work and avoid wasting your time and money.

Key Factors in Selecting a Treatment

Not all nail fungus treatments are the same. Some products contain zero active ingredients, while others contain high concentrations of skin-damaging acids. The products which work best to help defeat nail fungus contain the following:

  • Undecylinic Acid is a natural fungicide (derived from castor oil) that is FDA approved as an over-the-counter medication for skin disorders such as toenail fungus, and candida albicans. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.When being used to treat toenail fungus it would be considered the “active ingredient” and should be exactly 10% of a solution for optimal results.
  • Tea Tree Oil, or Melaleuca Oil, is a natural oil made from the leaves of Australia’s Melaleuca alternifolia plant. Clinical studies have shown Tea Tree Oil to be as effective as clotrimazole (Lotrimin) in the treatment of nail fungus. Tea Tree Oil has many compounds and properties which help maintain the beauty and health of the nail and surrounding skin, as well as helping Undecylinic Acid penetrate to the nail bed.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil, or Helianthus Annuus, is a vitamin-rich plant oil, containing Vitamins A, D, E, and lecithin, as well as unsaturated fatty acids. This oil is particularly effective at penetrating the nail’s surface and reaching the nail bed where a fungus infection lives.

Any formula that does not contain these three ingredients will most likely be ineffective and possibly dangerous. We do not recommend the use of “home remedies” and many can cause severe skin irritation and cause fungal infections to become worse.


Rank 1 - EmoniNail
Rank 2 - Funginix
Rank 3 Zetaclear
Rank 4 - Dermisil
Nail Rx
Rank 5 Nail RX
1. Treatment Rating99.5 / 10089.7 / 10086.5 / 10080.1 / 10078.4 / 100
2. Customer Rating5 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product3.5 Star Nail Fungus Product3 Star Nail Fungus Product3 Star Nail Fungus Product
3. Editor Review
4. MSRP$59.95
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5. Patients Treated (est.)20,000+20,000+20,000+10,000 - 20,00010,000 - 20,000
6. Success Rate*89.4%83.2%76.1%71.1%68%
7. Treatment TimeShortest (1-2 Months)Average (2-4 Months)Average (2-4 Months)Average (2-4 Months)Long (3-6 Months)
8. Product Safety Safe to UseSafe to UseSafe to UseSafe to UseSafe to Use
9. Return PolicyRisk FreeRestock FeeRisk FreeRisk FreeUnknown
10. Customer Support5 Star Nail Fungus Product3 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product4 Star Nail Fungus Product

*Based on aggregated user reviews. Not a scientific study of product efficacy. Individual results may vary.

Our Top Recommended Product


RANK: #1

Review Summary
EmoniNail is our top-most recommended product for the topical treatment of fingernail and toenail fungus. The superior blend of proven ingredients make EmoniNail an effective* formula to dramatically improve the vitality and appearance of the nail bed and surrounding skin.

​The formulation, which was last updated in 2016 combines a powerful anti-fungal active ingredient with nail penetrating essential oils which can result* in superior effectiveness in the treatment of nail fungus. This conclusion of superiority is supported by our customer reviews and an overall success rate higher than any other product on the market.

Our experts agree that the EmoniNail treatment formulation is the ideal combination.

Users consistently observe a reduction of redness, pain, and irritation within weeks*. Within months the average users sees complete removal of visible nail fungus. The vast majority (95%+) of users experience regrowth of clear, revitalized, fungal-free nails*. We recommend EmoniNail in conjunction with diligent adherence to our treatment guide for maximum effectiveness.

Active Ingredient: Undecylenic Acid, 10%
Means of Nail Penetration: Tea Tree Oil

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Amazing results

Jun 19, 2016 by Melane Strokes

Results!! This nail fungus cream actuallly works. The top right of the nail was completely yellow and black before i started using this. After only about a week it started lighten. And i got optimistic. And then no real progress for about a month, and then i finally saw the nail starting to grow out and thank goodness the new nail growing in was completely clear!

IT WORKED! WOOO. Kept using for another few weeks and then stopped and now i’m 100% fungus free.

I still have plenty of cream left after ordering 3 bottles.

Wasn’t sure at first. But working

Jun 08, 2016 by Cody Kenney

I have been at this treatment for over a month. My nails started to improve until I put shoes on. As soon as I did the keritan was once again visable. I have found that I am going through alot of this product. So if you don’t have to wear shoes for any reason this product works very well.

Same Active Ingredient, better amount

Nov 27, 2015 by Ray Wein

There’s another product (not listed) that has the same active ingredient at a 25% proportion, and it causes extreme amount of skin damage when used every day. This product has 10% which seems to allow me to keep applying again and again without any irritation. Great formula. Great results.

success at last…

Jan 19, 2014 by Lisa S.

Started applying Emoni nail twice a day as instructed. I also filed down my infected nails as they instructed. After a couple weeks the redness around my nails has disappeared but the nails were unchanged. I contacted emoni nial support and they said to “keep at it”. They were very responsive. After about a month of applying the stuff I noticed my nails started to turn white-ish. Almost as if they were being stained by the treatment. It took another few weeks before I saw, to my delight, some normal nail growing in at the base of my big toenail. I contacted support again and they told me to keep applying until I was certain that the nail was now growing in clear and toenail fungus free. I kept applying for another week or so and sure enough the new nail growing in was PERFECT. Just like my pre-nail fungus days. I stopped the treatment and just kept cutting off the old infected nail as it grew out and eventually it was totally gone. I am now nail fungus free and wanted to help others out there by sharing my story.

Response: Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


Dec 28, 2013 by Squidlet

I purchased EmoniNail based on this site’s #1 ranking recommendation.
A few weeks into treatment my nails are much better. The infection is growing out and the new nail looks good.
I would say in another few weeks-month my nails will be back to normal – so it really did work within months.

Response: Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Works great.

May 02, 2013 by Otis R. Rarick

Purchased 3 bottles of funginix for my 89 year old father. He is on a bunch of meds so we didn’t feel comfortable putting him on another oral Rx.

Luckily EMONI NAIL worked perfectly. Few months and fantastic improvement. He actually says he “likes” this product. Could not ask for more.

Response: Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Seems to work!

May 01, 2013 by Yang Lee

I am only a few weeks into treatment but I must say I am feeling awfully optimistic. Already seeing results. 4-stars for now, if a few months I’ll update if the black nails are totally healed.

Response: Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


Apr 22, 2013 by Tess Roman

What a rollercoaster ride. After oral meds failed I was soo ready to go under the knife. Out of fear of surgery my husband recommended I look around on google rather than just trusting every word my doctor says.

Well, I found this site, found EmoniNail, and now, a few months after starting treatment, I can confidently say that I am nail fungus free (or at least very close).


Response: Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Cured my ugly nail. Finally.

Apr 12, 2013 by Manny Trenton

I had yellow thick nails from the time I turned 40 until this last year (I’m 67 now). I tried just about everything out there when I first started seeing my nails get weird. Nothing worked. I gave up.

Then about 6 months ago I saw a TV ad for Emoninail and decided to give it a shot. Guess what? It worked. I guess the technology has advanced enough. Next thing I know they will have an app to cure nail fungus. Just kidding.

Response: Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Amazing product with a good price

Mar 01, 2013 by Bonnie Lammel

This treatment was a good price and really worked incredibly well. Very impressive performance. Everytime you finish showering apply this to all infected nails. Within a few weeks all the redness goes away, then in a few more months the nail started to clear – almost completely. I recommend emoni nail to anyone else who suffered like I did for 10+ years of nail fungus.

Response: Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

4.9 5.0 13 13 Results!! This nail fungus cream actuallly works. The top right of the nail was completely yellow and black before i started using this. After only about a week it started lighten EmoniNail



Selecting a Topical Treatment

People waste years trying home remedies and ineffective topical solutions to battle nail fungus – only to have the fungal infection remain unchanged or worsen. Use the information below to find a treatment that will work and avoid wasting your time and money.

About the Author:

Dr. Pat Bernard PhD, Natural Health
Registered Nurse

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