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(Last Updated: May 28th, 2017)

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This is the definitive guide to removing nail fungus in a way which is safe, effective, and long-lasting. Topical medications are used in this guide due to the risk of liver damage found in many oral and prescription medications. The second page of this guide provides education for Selecting a Treatment. For more on treatment methods and medication information, please visit our Treatment Comparisons.

Nail fungus becomes increasingly harder to treat the longer you wait. This Definitive Guide to Removing Nail Fungus works for 99.9% of nail fungus conditions and is most effective when followed exactly.

INTRODUCTION: Prepare Yourself

Understand the Personal Requirements

Topical Toenail Fungus Treatment

    • Patience and Dedication: The time has come to stop hiding your feet; to stop the embarrassment and to remove nail fungus from your life. This is not a quick process and may take weeks to completely remove the fungal infection and restore clear, healthy nails. With patience, dedication and this guide you will achieve your goal.
    • Be Fearless: Restoring beautiful nails is not a beautiful process. Acknowledge and accept that.

Tools Needed to Treat Nail Fungus


    1. Do not skip days: Following this Definitive Guide to Removing Nail Fungus requires 5 minutes twice a day.
    2. Follow Exactly: Optimal results are only achieved when this guide is followed carefully and correctly.
    3. Necessary Supplies: This guide requires you to have a clean area for treatment application, nail clippers, a nail file, and a 10% Undecylenic Acid topical solution containing nail penetrating essencial oils. The Treatment Comparison page on this website and the Selecting a Treatment page contained in this guide provide the necessary information for choosing the right product.

STEP 1:Clean and Prepare Nails

Note: Clean all surfaces and tools that will come in contact with your nails. Tools should be washed between each infected nail.

Remove Excess Nail

Part 1.1: Remove Excess Nail

    • Cut Nails: Cut the infected nails as low as possible without causing any pain.
    • File Nails: Using a nail file, lightly file the top, sides, and front of your nails.
    • Purpose: Nail fungus lives and grows within the nail bed, directly under your nail. Your nail actually serves to protect the fungus so it is important to remove as much of this barrier as possible before treatment.

STEP 2:Loosen Skin Around Nails

Part 2.1: Twice Daily Soak

    • Morning and Evening Soak: In a bath tub, sink, or clean bucket, place infected toes or fingers into warm water and soak for 1 minute or more.
    • Purpose: Warm water loosens the skin around the nails allowing for a more thorough clean and for treatment to penetrate more easily.

Wash and Scrub Feet

Part 2.2: Soap and Scrub

    • Wash with Soap: Once the area around the infected nails have been soaked, apply any soap and lather infected area. Wash all surrounding areas. Ensure that you remove all dirt, grime, and sweat.
    • Scrub Vigorously: Scrub your infected toes and/or fingers vigorously with a focus on the nails and areas directly adjacent. Apply pressure to loosen the skin as much as possible. Be careful of sensitive areas.
    • Purpose:  Thorough washing and scrubbing creates the ideal environment for treatment penetration.

STEP 3: Treatment Application

Part 3.1: Eliminate Moisture

    • Dry Infected Area: Use a clean towel or blow drier to remove all moisture from the infected area you just washed.

Apply Nail Fungus Treatment Solution

Part 3.2: Apply Topical Medication

    • Treatment and Applicator Brush: As mentioned earlier in this guide it is expected that you are using a topical treatment with exactly 10% Undecylinic Acid (explained in detail on the Selecting a Treatment page of this guide). All the products we recommend will come with an applicator brush – normally attached to the container’s cap.
    • Apply to Nail Tops: Using the applicator brush apply a liberal amount of the treatment solution to the tops of infected nails. Make short, even brushstrokes towards your body. Distribute treatment solution as evenly as possible across the entire nail.
    • Apply to Nail Sides and Surrounding Skin: Continue with the brush, applying treatment solution to the area on and directly around the nails. These areas are great entry points for the solution to penetrate the nail and reach the source of the fungus.
    • Brush Treatment onto Nail’s Front: The front of the nail, especially when thick and separated, can be a key re-entry point for fungal infections. Brush this area thoroughly with treatment solution.

Part 3.3: Allow Treatment to Absorb and Dry

    • Wait: Allow the treatment up to 10 minutes to dry completely before putting on socks or other footwear that may interfere with absorption.

STEP 4: Clear Nail Maintenance

To Prevent Fungal Infection Rotate Footwear

Part 4.1: Appropriate Footwear

    • Nails Need to Breath: Excess moisture or sweat creates the ideal breeding conditions for fungus. It is best to wear sandals without socks whenever possible. We also suggest: moisture wicking socks, mesh sneakers, open toed shoes, etc.

Part 4.2: Rotate Footwear

    • Change Socks and Shoes Regularly: Rotate your footwear and always wear clean socks. This reduces the opportunity for fungal spores to proliferate and helps to avoid future nail infections.


Your nail fungus did not appear overnight and it is not possible for it to be cured overnight. It is critical to remain committed to the guide even if results are not seen the first day, week, or month. Once the fungus is killed, your nails will need to regrow before they are as clear and flawless as they once were. This process is not easy, but if you follow this guide exactly you can achieve the incredible satisfaction of beautiful, healthy nails.

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