Global Nail Fungus Top 3: What Makes a Good Toenail Fungus Product?

global-nail-fungus-top-3_-what-makes-a-good-toenail-fungus-product_Global Nail Fungus Top 3: What Makes a Good Toenail Fungus Product?

Introduction to Nail Fungus Treatments

Here at the Global Nail Fungus Organization, we believe that the best nail fungus treatments must be able to accomplish three main objectives: First, nail fungus treatments must halt the infection in its tracks. Second, they must help the body repair the damage done by the infection. Finally, the best nail fungus products must prevent recurrence of the fungal colony. But what makes each treatment effective? What does each ingredient specifically do? Most importantly, how do they work together to remove nail fungus infections?

What Should You Look For?

  1. Effectiveness — When a product is able to meet at least one of the aforementioned objectives, that does not automatically make it a good product. It does however, indicate effectiveness. It deals with the problem of fungal nail infections on a technical level. Of course, you want to choose a product that can accomplish all three. How do you determine if it is effective? Taking a look at the product’s ingredients list is the easiest way to do so. Does it include a powerful anti-fungal base? Can it penetrate the surface of the nail? A simple online cross-check for ingredients such as tea tree oil, undecylenic acid, or acetic acid will help answer these questions.

  2. Cost-effectiveness — This is a completely different matter from technical effectiveness. Prices on topical fungal treatments range anywhere from $3.00 to $100.00+ for a single month’s supply. How do you know which one is priced right? Judging cost-effectiveness is also made difficult, as what is expensive to some may be a bargain to another. The best way to check cost-effectiveness is to compare the price of your selected product against the success rate. Remember that you are paying for the odds that the product can cure you of fungal infection. Products priced lower are usually unrealistic and contain lower-quality ingredients, and those set higher might offer success rates comparable to more affordable choices.

  3. Safety — Again, this can be gauged via the ingredients list. Does the product contain possible allergens? Does it contain ingredients with hypo-allergenic effects? Does it contain inorganic chemicals? Is there a risk of overdose? Such questions are essential to finding out if your chosen treatment is safe. It is also advisable to do a background check on the company. FDA-approved facilities — just like FDA-approved ingredients — are a good indicator of safety.

  4. Time-efficiency — How long does it take for the product to work? Most products boast results within 2-4 months of continuous treatment. Can your choice of treatment achieve it in the same amount of time? Does it take longer? Does it work faster? Note that the speed with which the treatment takes effect should not be the sole indicator for performance. Do not get desperate and fall for traps that offer results within a week. Do your research.

  5. Investment Protection — Does your product come with return policies or warranties? Remember that all nail anti-fungals promise results, but one of the best ways to tell if a product is serious is to check whether the company behind it offers refunds and returns. A good manufacturer is confident in the ability of the product to work and is not afraid to risk profit by refunding defective shipments.

Top 3 Nail Fungus Treatments

In a saturated market of nail fungus treatments, there is no shortage of companies selling products with the support of false claims and impressive-looking ingredients lists. The problem is, without the right information, it can be difficult to tell when a product meets any of the three objectives at all. Let us discuss the top three products on our product comparison page and explain how each of them accomplish their task.

  1. Emoninail

  • Currently listed as the top 1 product on Global Nail Fungus, Emoninail boasts an incredible 89.2% success rate based on aggregate user reviews. One order of Emoninail costs $59.95.

  1. Funginix

  • Funginix is currently listed as the top 2 product on Global Nail Fungus. It currently holds a success rate of 83.2%. Each package costs $59.95.

  1. Zetaclear

  • Recently having gone up a rank from top 4 to top 3, Zetaclear has a 76.1% success rate at a marginally more affordable price of $49.95. Unlike the other products on this list, Zetaclear is a two-part treatment. It comprises of an oral spray and an anti-fungal topical solution.

Qualities/Properties of a Good Toenail Fungus Product


Emoninail contains 10% undecylenic acid, sunflower seed oil, tea tree oil, water base, and cetyl alcohol.

The undecylenic acid content of Emoninail is concentrated enough to kill fungi, but mild enough not to irritate skin. The tea tree oil and sunflower seed oil content helps the formula penetrate the hard surface of the nail in order to treat deep infections. These two oils also have antimicrobial properties of their own. They serve as skin conditioning agents, counteracting inflammation and irritation caused by fungal metabolic byproducts. Emoninail’s list of ingredients work together in order to achieve all three effects you should look for in an anti-fungal product: Undecylenic acid kills the fungal colony. However, it cannot penetrate keratin on its own. Tea tree oil and sunflower seed oil allow undecylenic acid to do so, thus treating the infection within the nail. The oils also aid in healing the damaged tissue. Finally, tea tree oil activates the immune system, reducing the odds that the infection will come back.


Funginix is made up of 10% undecylenic acid, tea tree oil, almond oil, aloe juice, camphor, menthol, lavender oil, jasmine oil, clove oil, cocoa butter, and rose oil.

Funginix also contains 10% undecylenic acid. It also makes use of tea tree oil as a means of penetrating the keratinized tissue of the nail. Funginix functions in the same manner as Emoninail, albeit with more ingredients. Funginix’s formula contains a wide array of other essential oils, granting it a larger arsenal of anti-fungal effects. The downside to this is that more ingredients means a greater risk of allergic reaction. Thankfully, lavender and aloe extract can help alleviate this problem. Funginix’s many ingredients also could mean a less concentrated formula overall. This could account for its marginally lower performance in comparison to Emoninail.


Zetaclear has an oral spray with  20% alcohol base, antimonium crudum, arsenicum album, mancinella, nitric acid, sulphur, and white cedar extract.

It also has a topical solution which contains 10% undecylenic acid, tea tree oil, clove oil, jojoba oil, lemongrass oil, vitamin E, and lavender oil.

Like the previous two products, Zetaclear contains tea tree oil to help the undecylenic acid penetrate the nail. The rest of its ingredients are chosen largely for their healing and skin conditioning properties. Meanwhile, the oral spray contains homeopathic compounds designed to treat fungal infection from within. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, the solution circulates around the body until it reaches the infected site. As the fungi feed on the keratinized tissue, they also receive the compounds, which eventually poison the colony, killing it.

Note that caution must be exercised when using the oral spray. Nitric acid is corrosive, and while the concentration in the product is generally considered safe, some people may experience sensitivity to large doses. Arsenicum album is also distilled from arsenic solution. The resulting substance usually contains zero arsenic. However, moderate your dosage as a safety precaution.

Conclusion: What’s the Best Toenail Fungus Product?

When it comes down to it, a good product is defined by its technical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, safety margin, time-efficiency, and warranties. It is easy to fall for false information. Many bad treatments present customers with a list of “powerful” ingredients without actually explaining what they do. The methods of treating fungal infections may vary greatly depending on the product. However, there are similarities that serve to define what does and what doesn’t work. Good treatments will often follow these patterns in order to ensure not just complete eradication of the fungal infection, but also total customer satisfaction. Customers armed with this knowledge, it becomes easier to scrutinize what is and what isn’t an effective treatment type. It becomes easier to discern whether the information a product presents you with is factual. After all, infections can already cost you your nails. There’s no sense in sacrificing a whole arm and leg for the wrong choice of treatment.

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